Top 3 Teething Toys and Top 5 all time Favorite Things That I Never Knew I Needed

A few more lists just for fun! Remember to click on the link in red to find out more info.

Top 3 Favorite Teething toys

#3 Sophie The Giraffe

These are expensive and I was very skeptical. BUT they are the perfect size, have lots of appendages for the kids to grab and hold, and is the perfect texture to chew.

#2 Banana Toothbrush

This was a surprisingly amazing toy. The bristles feel so good on their little gums and the shape makes it so easy to hold!

#1 Ice Rings

Some days these are the only things that help our babies calm down when their teeth hurt. If I go to the freezer for anything, Lucy immediately runs and tries to grab a teething ring before I can close it. They treat them like popsicles.


Top 5 Favorite Things I Never Knew I Needed

#5 Things to make homemade baby food

I know that most people think it will take too long to make their own baby food, but if we can do it with triplets, so can you. We also bought some form the store so please don’t hear me say that you shouldn’t buy food if that’s what works for you. Just know that if you really want to make it, or need to save money, it is possible! We blended in our ninja blender and then halfway through we got a good immersion blender and it was amazing! We would pour the mixture in these freezer silicone molds. In the morning, we would pull out what we needed for that day and keep the rest frozen. I only made really easy and cheap things and bought the other flavors for variety. We saved a lot of money though by making the easy things. Sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, avocados, and unsweetened applesauce. You can also throw in kale and spinach to any of those very easily. If you want more info let me know.

#4 Amazon Alexa and a good playlist

I never realized how much I would appreciate Alexa. She has become my friend. haha As a stay at home mom, I often only talk to Derek and Alexa on a given day. Derek and I made a bunch of different playlists on spotify and stations on pandora and changing up my music throughout the day always brightens my mood. The kids also look at the echo every time I say Alexa. I wonder if they think she is a real person? I love starting my morning each day with worship music and it is so easy to just tell Alexa to play any music my heart desires 🙂 She also gives me the news each morning and helps me stay connected to the outside world.

#3 Baby Cage

We call it a cage, others call it a play yard 🙂 It is so helpful not just so that I can walk away safely, but when the babies are all in one place it makes it so much easier to get them calm and entertained. I only use the Dupelo blocks and bristle blocks in this play yard so they aren’t all over the house. It keeps certain toys contained to one small area! It is also easy to take apart. I used a few of the pieces to block off my Christmas tree this year and the babies never got to the tree. I used a few of the pieces to block off the stairs and certain rooms when I want to contain them. I also plan on taking it outside this summer to put in the grass!


#2 Baby Breeza

If you have just one baby, and especially if you breastfeed, then you probably won’t need this. BUT if you have multiples and/or you formula feed, this is a MUST!! I mean a COMPLETE game changer!! In our peak days, we were making 24 bottles a DAY. That is a LOT of bottles. This machine is a keriug for baby bottles. You put the formula powder I the top, water on the side, tell it what amount you want and it dispenses the perfectly mixed and perfectly warm bottle. Also, if you get one, we have tips on how to make it work even better!

#1 Wagon

We got our kids this wagon for Christmas, and it has been so much fun. If it’s too cold or rainy outside to go for a walk, they ask to just get in and be pushed around in the dining room. Some days I will just strap them in the wagon and we sit on the front porch. It’s great because they can put all of their toys in it and play while we walk. The straps keep them locked in tight and safe. We are having a blast with this thing and the fun has just become. It will grow with them for a long time 🙂

Baby toys for ages 15 months and under

This list was fun to make because we really do have a blast with our 3 monkeys. They love to play and laugh!! The teacher in me sets up stations around the house so that they don’t get too bored and fussy. I have different toys in different little corners and rooms and spots throughout the house. Those toys stay in their certain rooms in spots around the house so that we move to a new spot for a new activity which keeps toys from getting lost and keeps them from getting too upset. I only clean up the house once a day. Every night after the kids go to sleep, Derek and I have 30 minutes of no talking clean up time. haha He puts on a podcast and zones out and cleans the dishes and kitchen, while I get 30 minutes where no one is touching me or talking to me, and I quietly put everything where it belongs which is oddly very satisfying. Being touched out and in need of silence is a very real thing in motherhood – especially motherhood x3! Other than that though I let them play hard. I have also come to terms with being ok when people come over and my house is a wreck. Again I only clean up when it’s nighttime, so if you come over in the day time, watch your step! haha I have learned that everyone’s house is a mess and living life in the mess with people is true friendship! Having community is way more important to me than a clean house. 

That said, here are my top 10 favorite toys from this year. I put months that they played (are playing with) them. If it has a “+” that means that they are still currently playing with that toy. Like I said in the last post, if a toy is able to withstand my 3 crazy kids, then it is well made and durable! And we don’t have space for toys that don’t get played with. Another fun fact about our toys and house – Derek and I sell our used toys and baby gear on Facebook Marketplace as soon as our 3 outgrow it. I know that doesn’t work for parents that are planning to have other kids, but as soon as they outgrow it, then put it up in the attic or storage out of the way. We only have current things out. We also put up half of their Christmas toys and are slowly getting them out each month. Ok, now the much anticipated list! Remember that the link is in red, so just click on the name to read more about it!

#10 Bag of Balls (8m+)

We were gifted these with a bouncy castle which is AMAZING! But we actually use the balls for so much more than the bouncy castle. I can put the kids in a small area and dump out some of these balls and it is instant entertainment. We always have at least a couple on hand. I can’t wait to get a cheap blow up pool this summer to put them in while they play outside.

#9 Baby Walkers (5m-10m) and  Learning Farm Push Walker (5m+)

There is a debate about walkers hindering babies from actually walking, but we used the mess out of ours until they started trying to walk on their own. Once they started showing signs of actually walking, we stopped using the walkers and used push toys instead like this learning Farm Push Walker. But for the months before they started walking, they had so much fun in these, and they in no way hindered ours from walking. In fact, they walked right on time if not early which is amazing for preemies. I have so many great memories in these walkers. Plus, this sit and stand learning farm walker can come off of the walker and was one of their favorite toys from an early age.

Side Note: Look at how short Lucy is in these walkers compared to the boys! For a long time the boys would walk everywhere, and Lucy would stay put and watch because she couldn’t reach the floor.

#8 Baby Jumper and Exersaucer (4m-14m)

We have used our baby bouncers so much! We kept thinking it’s time to get rid of them but the kids every would still want to play with them. We got 2 jumperoos and 1 exersaucer. They love both equally. The exersaucer grows with them more but the jumperoo one lets them jump more which they love. Sometimes the only way that we were able to eat was thanks to the 30 minutes of entertainment that these bouncers provided (Not kidding!).

#7 Books with Flaps (10m+)

My kids love all Nosy Crow books! They are interactive and have lots of sound or moving pieces or flaps! Flaps are the best! They take turns lifting it up to find the animals. And we always make the animal noises. They love them equal to Dr. Seuss books. I also have all Dr. Seuss books memorized. haha I was most proud of memorizing Fox in Socks. We read SO many books.


#6 Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Mat (3m-1year)

Our kids still sometimes play with this mat. They loved kicking it before they could roll, and it grew with them. We would change out the toys that hang down. Now they still walk over to it and play the piano that flips up.

#5 Play Kitchen (10m+)

As soon as our kids could stand, they have loved to play with their kitchen. They open and close the doors and play with the bowls and spatulas and have so much fun.


#4 Shape Sorter (1 year+)

I couldn’t find our exact shape sorters (we actually have 3 different ones), but this one is very close! I am a geometry teacher so I am a little partial, but my kids love to push shapes into these shape sorters. They love to pick the right spot and sit for a very long time with me sorting their shapes every day!

#3 Tunnels (10m+)

Our three know exactly how to get out their tunnels and pull them out at least once a day to play. They play hide and seek in them and just crawl through them and giggle the entire time. They fold up so easily and are light so it’s easy to get them out as much as they want.


#2 Band Instruments (10m+)

Our kids love to play musical instruments. We have a collection of maracas and cymbals and shakers and tambourines. They have so much fun with them!! They march around and think they are so big. They learned how to play the cymbals before learning how to clap. We have 3 sets of maracas, and they just walk around shaking them and dancing every day.

#1 Push and Ride Cars(10m+)

I think our kids learned to walk by pushing around their little Lightning McQueen cars that my mom got from Sams. They still race around the house with them by using them as walkers. They are just now starting to be able to sit on them and actually ride them. They have been so well used already by just pushing them. It’s awesome. Any push and ride car will work, but it is a must for a 1 year old!

Practical Things To Buy For Babies

Derek and I feel like we have a unique experience in reviewing toys and baby gear. Many families have 3 babies but having 3 at one time is rarer and means that we get to see exactly how durable an item is. Plus, if all 3 babies love a toy or item then it is definitely a winner. Furthermore, because there are 3 of them, we don’t have room at our house for toys or things that are bulky or aren’t very useful. I have had many people ask what items or toys our kids have liked so I spent the last couple weeks compiling a few lists. Today I’m posting my top 10 practical items in descending order and will post a top 10 toys, top 3 teething toys, and top 5 things that I never knew I needed – all within the next couple weeks. I also added the link to amazon for each item. Some of them have a couple links. Just click the name in red, and it will send you to Amazon so you can see or read up on the item. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!!

My top 10 favorite practical baby items

#10 Cabinet locks

We needed cabinet locks on every single cabinet in our house since we have 3 little zombies roaming around at all times! These were so easy to install and required NO drilling or tools! We had to get a couple packs so we have multiple magnet keys. We keep them all over the kitchen so you don’t ever have to go far to get one.

#9 Baby Bathtub and Bathtub Kneeler

This tub is a little pricey but someone gifted it to us, and it was AMAZING! It tells the exact temperature of the water so we knew exactly how hot/cold to make the water without stressing. It fit perfectly in our sink and in the tub. It was soft and just really helpful. Once they switched to sitting up in the tub, I would suggest getting one of these pads to keep yours knees from breaking. It makes bathtub way more enjoyable for me.

#8 Take and Toss Sippy Cups

We have tried so many different sippy cups! They can get so expensive too. These are by far the best in my opinion! We love them. Plus, they are cheap! The kids figured out how to use them easily. If they break, it doesn’t matter because they are so cheap. They are so easy to wash, and can be used for milk or water. We also have straw (camelbak style) bottles for water, but you can’t really put milk in those. These little cheap plastic cups are so good for milk AND water. Oh and they don’t leak either! It’s amazing. They also make a straw take and toss cup if you like that better. The only downside of the straw ones is that the kids can pull the straw out which can be messy, and the straw ones are not spill proof.

#7 Dr. Brown Bottles

If you are bottle feeding, find a bottle that works for you and get enough to last one full day. For us that was 24 bottles at our peak. We are now only using one at night before bed! We have always run the dishwasher once a day to clean the bottles (no more, no less). We had a little tub of soapy water that sits in our sink to put dirty bottles to soak in during the day, and at night we put all bottles through the dishwasher. I had heard that Dr. Brown bottles have too many parts to clean, but if you get one of these dishwasher baskets it is not hard at all!

#6 Rock n Play

Our 3 babies had reflux and were preemies so a rock n play was a must. The incline helps them with reflux. The NICU doctors actually suggested it to help with reflux and our pediatrician said it was great too. Plus, since it surrounds the baby on 3 sides it simulates a womblike feeling of comfort. We had all 3 sleeping in our room until month 5 so they fit easily in the room right beside us. When a baby cried, I could just reach over and rock them back to sleep without picking them up. They slept in these until they could roll back to front. We liked the manual rocker so that we could rock them only when they needed it, but some people love the automatic rocker.


#5 Little Sound Machine

This little sound machine is SO LOUD!! It’s amazing how loud it is. You can travel with it, attach it to the car seat, or just leave it plugged up in the nursery. A good sound machine is a must. When we had 3 sleeping babies in the room next to us it was perfect for blocking out their sleeping noises but let us hear their cries.

#4 Ergo Plus Double Snap and Go Stroller and then Double Umbrella Stroller

We have triplet strollers which are great and very handy but the easiest way to transport 3 babies is to use a double stroller and a baby carrier (when small enough). This was my favorite baby carrier. And this was my favorite stroller when the babies were in their newborn carseats. We had Chicco key fit 30 carseats that fit in this stroller perfectly. We used it to go on walks, even trails, and also pretty much anywhere else we went. Being pregnant with triplets did a number on my back so I needed a carrier with really good back support and this one does! I could put it on all by myself and felt very comfortable with it. When the babies outgrew their newborn carseats, we started using this umbrella stroller and it is fantastic. It has great pockets and folds up fairly small considering. It’s sturdy and durable and has great straps. We now either use a single umbrella stroller if Derek is with me or our wagon (which is in a different list!).



#3 SwaddleMe Swaddles and Zippadee Zips

Every baby likes different swaddles so experiment until you find one that works because swaddles are the bomb. They helped our babies sleep so MUCH better. There is a reflex called the Moro reflex that causes the baby to feel as if it is free falling. Now that babies have to sleep on their backs they will involuntarily spasm and their arms will reach out for Mom/Dad. When no one is there, this can be scary for them. The swaddle keeps their arms from flinging up when the moro reflex sets in, which helps them sleep better. It’s brilliant. The transition out of the swaddle was the most feared of all transitions in year 1 for us. The zippadee zip was our lifesaver in this transition. We first started having the kids sleep in the zippadee zips for naps and slowly transitioned at night once they were ready (but not too early!). Lucy actually still sleeps in one and it’s so warm and comforting to her. Sometimes when she’s really sleepy, she actually tries to crawl into it on her own.

#2 Frog Chairs

I honestly couldn’t decide which list this one should go in. It is a favorite practical item, a favorite toy, and a favorite thing that I didn’t know that I would need! As I was researching different swings and bouncy chairs for babies, this one caught my attention because it turns into a rocking chair once the baby gets bigger. I had no idea just how much we would use these chairs though! Our babies often took naps in them as tiny babies. Being in the living room with us helped them get used to sleeping in places with more light and some noise. Then, as our babies dealt with reflux they had to rest after eating so each baby sat in their frog chair for 15 minutes after every meal. Now at 14 months, they love to climb in them and rock and think they are such big kids with their own chair. They have held up great!


#1 IKEA High Chairs

This $20 high chair is the best! It is durable, has a strap for safety, is super easy to clean, and does not take up much space! They are perfect for us! They are so easy to take apart and put together that we will often travel with one or two.