Good Friday

Today marks “Good Friday” on the liturgical calendar. It is known as the day that Jesus died on the cross. My kids refer to it as Jesus’ sacrifice. He bore the sins of everyone. He was tortured and died a brutal and humiliating and lonely death. The thing I appreciate about Good Friday beyond the fact that the curtain was torn. Beyond the fact that today opens up an avenue of prayer and presence to the Father. Beyond the fact that today had to happen so that the resurrection could begin. Beyond the fact that Jesus was without sin and chose to die so that we may live. To me the reason I have been drawn to Good Friday is that for today, we get to sit in lament. Lament is a beautiful spiritual practice. This weekend, we should remember that Sunday is coming and Jesus will be raised from the dead and redemption will win. We should celebrate and shout Hallelujah, but I urge you to wait. Let yourself sit in the anguish of Good Friday. Let yourself see the pain, feel the discomfort, listen to the despair. So many of us are hurting right now. So many of us have experienced death. For many that does look like physical death of someone you love or a diagnosis making death feel all too close. But I’m not just talking about physical death. Death or a season of deep hurt and pain often feels like the death of a life that was meant to be. Death of a plan or dream or relationship. Death can be a dream or a hope that has been left unfulfilled. And in this death, in this season of grief and sadness and anger and doubt. Today, you get to be seen. Today you sit. Let yourself lament. Let yourself cry as Jesus did on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” And don’t rush to the end. Don’t rush your loved ones or neighbors and even those that you dont understand through grief. Sit and cry today. Mourn the loss. Mourn the pain. Mourn the injustice. Let today be a reminder. Yes, it is a reminder that death comes before life. It is a reminder that Sunday is coming and that redemption WILL win. But mostly today is a reminder that anger and doubt in the midst of death and pain is normal and good. Let yourself feel these things. Today sit at the feet of Jesus and cry out alongside Him. “My God My God, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Where are you? Are you listening?” Today is a reminder that we are seen in the death. We are not alone in the pain. Lament is beautiful thing. Let your body feel lament today. Let us not rush through Friday and miss sitting at the feet of Jesus today. 

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