About Us

We are Megan and Derek Wilson. We love Jesus, love our sweet triplets, love ministry, and love the story that God is unfolding in our lives. Our story includes many uncommon (well really not near as uncommon as we thought) but many things that seem to not be talked about as much. We have struggled through an ectopic pregnancy and infertility for almost 3 years. We went through IVF and other fertility treatments. We have triplets which in itself is not so common. We love the Lord and aren’t afraid to ask hard questions about how He works and why He allows suffering and pain. Derek teaches Bible at a local high school. I have taught high school math at the same school for the past 7 years, but this year I am staying home with our triplets. This blog contains our stories and our thoughts on these issues but also just what we happen to be reading or thinking about at the time. We also have a dog named Turbo. She’s awesome.